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The Western Water Crisis: What Can Be Done?


The plain fact is that Earth has all the water it is ever going to have. In this century, there are no obvious sites of new water to tap, and no sources awaiting exploitation. While battles over water, how much we have, and who owns it have dominated our policymaking, it is ultimately up to us to work together to solve problems now instead of waiting until the situation is even more critical. The focus now should be on advocating for water conservation, handling water quality threats such as groundwater pollution, and improving water storage.

The water level in this stockpond is steadily dropping.

For individual farmers and ranchers who are not already in the grips of an exceptional drought, there are several steps that can be considered as part of an overall strategy to mitigate the effects of a reduced water supply.

For ranchers, any water sources, however small, can be useful in any year, but are particularly vital during a drought. Small springs and seeps can be developed, the water stored and pumped to where it’s needed. Even a flow of only 0.5 gallons/minute produces 720 gallons/day which is enough water for 48 cows with calves. Small ponds near seasonal streams can be constructed which will fill during periods of high water. If they are fenced, they can be opened later in the season when the stream has dried up. Stock and large irrigation ponds should be considered even during a drought, because once rains return, those ponds will fill with runoff water that can be stored.In all cases, ponds should be lined with a waterproof material to reduce seepage, and care should be taken to use a durable liner that is resistant to UV degradation, particularly if the pond is likely to dry out.

BTL Liners has decades of experience in designing, fabricating and installing custom liners for reservoirs, dams, ponds and other surface water storage projects. Our liners are available in a variety of grades and thicknesses, suited to different conditions and budgets. Our newest product, RPEL-30, is so highly UV-resistant that it is warranted for use even when ponds are expected to empty periodically. It can be fabricated in single panels as large as 50,000 SF (over an acre), minimizing risks of seam failure and leaks. Call us today at 541-447-0712 to discuss your specific requirements with our experts.

A Developing Water Crisis Across the Western US

A Widespread Crisis California’s extreme drought has dominated regional news for months, all but obscuring the fact that most states in the western U.S. are facing their own water crises. In fact, according to the latest figures from the US Drought Monitor, a full 77% of western states are in some level of drought while 40% of the land has [...]

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BTL's Liners Awarded Potable Grade Certification

We’re pleased to announce that all BTL and PPL polyethylene products are now potable NSF-61 certified! Potable grade is the highest rating a liner can receive—it means our liners are approved to be used to hold drinking water intended for human consumption. The process of certifying BTL’s products as NSF-61 compliant took about 6 months to complete. It’s an [...]

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BTL Donates Containment Boom to Ochoco Irrigation Distric for Crooked River

BTL Liners, an Oregon-based liner and containment manufacturing company, has announced their recent contribution to Crooked River in the form of 300' of containment boom. This device is a floating curtain, which is to be stretched over the water to divert debris from pumps that are used for irrigation in the waterway.Crooked River is located [...]

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BTL Liners Donates Containment Boom To Oregon's Big Lake Youth Camp

BTL Liners, an Oregon based liner and containment system company, has donated a containment boom to Big Lake Youth Camp. The product will be used to keep wood chips from entering the recreational portion of the lake after storms, as well as to delineate the swimming and boating spaces of the lake. The booms that [...]

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Press Release: California Farmer Invests In 40 Acre Irrigation Reservoir

SOURCE: Press Advantage http://www.pressadvantage.com/story/1098-californi...Farmers across California are wondering how much they are able to produce using just an acre-foot of water. One farmer decided to invest in a 40 acre irrigation reservoir, having calculated that this would enable his farm to survive the prolonged drought that the state is currently experiencing. The reservoir has been purchased through BTL Liners, [...]

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Zero Water: Can California Agriculture Survive?

Mandatory Water RestrictionsOn April 1, Gov. Jerry Brown of California announced the first ever statewide mandatory water reductions. "Today we are standing on dry grass where there should be five feet of snow," Brown said after visiting a manual snow survey in the Sierra Nevada. "This historic drought demands unprecedented action."The new water restrictions require the state’s 400 local water [...]

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California Drought Intensifies

An Intensifying DroughtThe news for California citizens, farms and industries continues to worsen as the drought enters its fourth year. The state’s “wet season” typically runs from December to February, and while there were some stormy periods in December and February, January was the driest on record. In fact, in most of northern and central California, rainfall in 2015 has been [...]

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BTL's RPEL-30 Liner Ideal For Drought-Stricken Farms

Prineville, OR (PRWEB) March 25, 2015BTL Liners has introduced a reinforced polyethylene liner with high tolerance for sustained UV exposure—RPEL-30. RPEL-30 is ideal for use in situations in which water levels are expected to vary, such as irrigation ponds for drought-stricken farms. BTL offers a full 20 year warranty for exposed use, which is unique in the industry and promises a dependable [...]

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Are We Nuts to Rely on Proposition 1?

In November, California voters overwhelmingly passed Proposition 1, officially known as the Water Quality, Supply and Infrastructure Improvement Act of 2014. Of the $7.5 billion measure, $2.7 billion is devoted specifically to water storage improvements, dams and reservoirs. This is good news for many farmers and municipalities across the states that want larger storage facilities, but who have historically found [...]

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