Despite having gone through some tough times, including the industries feast and famine period, golf course managers and real estate developers have a new opportunity. With fresh vision, communities are being designed to meet the needs of today’s generations. Amid ample and varied family-friendly activities, an environment that celebrates nature and wildlife, and a vision to bring the game of golf back to its roots, these communities have the opportunity to feature golf as a fun, casual game that welcomes amateurs and professionals alike.

Golf course designers and managers should understand that the average golfer is not prepared to play on the toughest Tiger Woods signature golf course ever built and wouldn’t enjoy the frustration. Average golfers need courses that present a stiff challenge but also can accommodate less skilled players. These moderately difficult courses need to be developed with their economic viability in mind. Trophy courses that no one can, or cares to pay for, are a recipe for failure.

Planned community investors need to understand that the younger generations won’t be retiring in their 50s and early 60s and planning to spend their golden years on a golf course. Times have changed and developers need to change their vision. Golf is still a valuable game, but it should be dovetailed with more family-friendly options, and that doesn’t just mean a couple of slides and a swing set. Fortunately, many of the elements of a golf course can be expanded to include excellent family friendly options. Larger irrigation reservoirs make excellent venues for canoes and kayaks, while even small ponds can produce great fishing.

Today’s generations are highly focused on the environment, climate and their obligations to protect the diversity of life on the planet. A community that does not recognize or honor concepts like environmental consciousness and sustainability is unlikely to attract them. Fortunately, the new golf course communities is well situated to meet those demands, and forward-thinking golf course managers are ready to dive in.

BTL is excited to be part of this new vision for golf communities. We have designed, fabricated, and constructed the most durable, dependable custom geomembrane containment systems on the planet and now we are quickly approaching 1 billion square feet of fabricated and installed reinforced polyethylene (RPE) liners. Our extensive expertise means we can partner with the best developers in the industry to make the new vision a reality. Give us a call today.

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