Covers serve a variety of purposes in many different industries. BTL fabricates greenhouse covers, liner covers, athletic field covers, floating covers, hay covers and more. Just like our liners, our covers are made from high-strength materials that are puncture resistant and built to last. Our team of custom cover specialists use their experience to fabricate the best covers for your needs, whether you’re conserving water with a floating cover or extending your growing season with a greenhouse cover.

Greenhouse Covers

Greenhouses are used in residential, commercial and agricultural applications. For customers living in colder climates, the right greenhouse covers can extend your growing season. Farmers with large greenhouses need the perfect sized cover in order to avoid having to cut down stock sized covers. In certain circumstances, the greenhouse covers available in stock sizes may not be large enough to cover your greenhouse. BTL offers clear woven greenhouse covers in 9-mil and 12-mil versions. The 9-mil version allows 87% of UV and light transmission, while the 12-mil allows 79%. With the fastest lead times in the industry, you’ll have your custom greenhouse covers in a flash.

Floating Covers

Placed on top of pools, lagoons and tanks, floating covers help conserve water and are environmentally friendly. Floating covers reduce evaporation, which is especially important in times of drought. Floating covers can also be used for:

  • Fume and odor reduction
  • Containment or collection of gases
  • Thermal insulation of covered liquids
  • Protection against contamination
  • Water security
  • Protection of people and wildlife from contaminated substances
  • Separation of rainwater or snow melt from contained liquids

Athletic Field Covers

BTL custom fabricates athletic field covers in our state-of-the-art facility in Prineville, Oregon. From baseball field tarps to football field covers, we have the ability to manufacture custom athletic field and turf covers. Options include hemmed edges, grommets, pull handles, pockets and more. BTL uses reinforced PVC in a variety of colors, or RPE as a less expensive alternative in black or white.

Liner Covers and More

From liner covers to floating covers and all of the other applications you can think of for custom covers, BTL can fabricate any number of specialty products. Contact BTL for more information about ordering custom covers to perfectly fit your unique needs.