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Question: I’ve heard that BTL has made some great developments in insulated floating covers. Please explain how floating covers are used and how your product is different. Answer: Floating covers—ideal because they rise and fall with changing liquid levels—are used in a variety of situations to protect stored liquids from contamination or evaporation. Floating covers are used in situations as varied as wastewater treatment systems to municipal drinking water applications. In the oil, gas, geothermal and mining industries, insulated covers are used to prevent the freezing of stored liquids, as well as to minimize the evaporation of hydrocarbons from contaminated waters. BTL's insulated floating covers are constructed of reinforced polyethylene material enclosing multiple layers of polyethylene-based foam. The materials used to construct these covers are flexible to -85°F. They are typically about 1” thick and can be made in a host of shapes and sizes. We use flexible foam so that the finished covers can be folded and rolled. This helps BTL provide more covers per truck load and reduces the in-field work of joining many individual pieces. Our floating covers are fabricated with ¾” grommets around the perimeter of the individual pieces. These grommets can be used to tie or lash the pieces together and secure the cover around the tank or impoundment. Our insulated floating covers have been tested for their R-value (R-value is a measure of thermal resistance used in the building and construction industry), and the typical 1” thick insulated floating cover has an R-value of 3. This, coupled with the black polyethylene liner, which absorbs heat through UV rays, can create a great insulated solution. Conversely, in the summer months, a white cover can help keep temperatures down, as well as combat evaporation. In fact, our covers can be made black on one side and white on the other to be more versatile for reuse, depending on the season and the geographic location. BTL’s versatile floating covers are designed for ease of re-use and cost effectiveness. We produce superior products that are 100% fabricated in the U.S. from 100% North American materials. As with all projects, we pride ourselves on our ability to address whatever unique situations our customers face.

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