BTL’s Record Breaking Irrigation Reservoir

40 acres covered in only 4 days

Irrigation Reservoir

LocationWestern, US
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Project Description

BTL has developed a reputation for both innovation and leadership in the RPE liners industry since the 1980s when we pioneered the development of heavyweight reinforced polyethylene liners. We continue to introduce exciting products and set (and break) performance records for ourselves and the industry. BTL’s unique ability to create the largest panels in the industry allows us to cover large areas with the fewest seams, thereby speeding up installation time and improving the performance of the liner as a whole.

In early October, we had the opportunity to line an enormous 40 acre (1.6 million sf) irrigation reservoir. To appreciate the scale of such a project, imagine a surface area equivalent to 36 American football fields! This set a new record for BTL and, incredibly, we completed the installation in only FOUR days!

This particular liner was installed in the western US, where some of the most severe historical drought conditions continue to ravage water supplies. Our client wisely chose to invest in an artificial reservoir to capture and retain rainwater during wet seasons and employ it during the dry growing seasons, rather than to depend on the dwindling availability of water from rivers, natural lakes, or even wells that draw from local aquifers.

Because this reservoir will be used for irrigation, water levels are expected to fluctuate substantially throughout the year, repeatedly baring the liner as the lake is drained. This means the liner will be exposed to oxygen and UV radiation, both of which break down polymers and can eventually cause a liner to become brittle. Brittle liners are subject to tears, punctures and other mechanical damage. In response to the growing need to accommodate severe conditions such as these, BTL has introduced an industry first—a unique reinforced polyethylene laminate with an additional 6mil coating of UV inhibitors on one side, which allows us to offer a full 20 year UV warranty—unheard of in the industry. Indeed, as the unique properties of our RPEL-30 liner become known, we expect that it will become the de facto liner of choice in projects like this.

Since the liner will be completely exposed from time to time, we recognize that it may be subject to high winds, which could dislodge or damage it. In response, we installed ballast liners and sand-filled tubes arrayed from the edges of the irrigation pond to the center to anchor it to the liner. Our experience and expertise with thousands of projects like this allow us to predict and proactively respond to the unique challenges of any given site.

At BTL Liners, we are proud to maintain the highest standards of customer service, speed of delivery and uncompromising quality, even as we continue to invest in innovative materials and solutions to meet our clients’ needs. In fact, for over 30 years, BTL™ has designed, fabricated and constructed the most durable, dependable custom containment systems in the world—protecting our planet’s most valuable natural resources! For more information or to consult directly with one of our experts about the demands of your project, contact us today at 541-447-0712 or online at


Not only did BTLliners have the most competitive price for our liners, but also all your employees we had contact with made our experience enjoyable. I had 13 people to help unravel the liner. Men from all different trades including business owners and contractors. Every one of them were very impressed with Nick’s Jacobsen knowledge and demeanor. He took command but yet showed respect for the whole crew.

Rich & Gail Scalesse New Hampshire


I want you to know how impressed I am with you and your product, from our very first conversation to the installation of the lining on our #12 hole. I was amazed at how quickly you were able to ship the product once you receive our lake dimensions, and how quickly the liner was seamed together. I highly recommend BTL to anyone who is considering installing a lake liner.

Ross J O’Fee, CGCS Golf Course Superintendent THE COUNTRY CLUB | SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH


We would like to thank you for all your effort and cooperation in arranging for the installation of the lake liners that your company has supplied for our golf course project here in Kuwait. I shall be more than pleased to recommend at any time your company here in Kuwait for any future projects that may arise either on the government level or in private sector.



Our pond leaked and was empty, creating an eyesore. So, the solution was to find a liner that could withstand the trauma of limestone rock substrate, but still be able to be installed by homeowners. I appreciated your putting up with several phone calls, and unparalleled packaging. We feel very fortunate to have done business with such a fine company, and fine regional office.



We found Jim Nicholson to be exceedingly knowledgeable about the liner products and everything associated with the construction of our pond. He was kind enough to visit us in Ohio and discuss the matter with our excavator before the project ever began. He truly went beyond the call to save us transportation costs just prior to the Labor Day weekend so we could stick to our plan.

Mark & Annette Saylor   MARK SAYLOR | OSTRANDER, OHIO


I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful service, excellent product, quick delivery and great price on the liner. After ordering online (and getting a little help from your sales staff) the liner was delivered in a few days. It hasn’t leaked a drop, looks great and blends in well with the surroundings. You have a great company with an outstanding product. Keep up the good work!


pond liner


Jared, I wanted to send a “Thank You” for the liner installation that Travis Wilcox directed for us at Ft. Buchanan in Puerto Rico. Travis was very professional in both his knowledge and conduct and the liner was on the ground without any difficulty. In fact, it went much faster and with less pain than I had anticipated. I look forward to working with yourself, Travis, & BTL in the future.

John Baute Golf Project Superintendent.  CGCS Frontier


After our experience with both you and your professional staff, I find myself struggling to find the appropriate words to describe our wonderful relationship with your company. This was our third attempt at a pond installation at our home, and after spending a large sum of money with so called “pond experts,” BTL Liners was very highly recommended by our new pond engineer.



After speaking with you and your staff, I came away with a very good feeling. I suddenly felt enough bravado to run your ideas and methodology by my wife, who agreed, and together we turned the project over to your highly qualified staff. Following the pond addition, our property has been showcased by real estate agents who believe our land value has nearly doubled. We are beyond pleased with BTL Liners.



We were extremely impressed with the ability and professionalism of your team, where they not only successfully completed the job, but did so thoroughly and did not leave until the project was finished. We appreciate you working us into your schedule on such short notice and for sending top notch professionals. BTL will have all our liner business in the Inland Northwest moving forward.