Play in All Weather Conditions With Sports Field Liners

As athletic field and venue design continues to evolve, more and more engineers use sports field liners to increase efficiency and extend the playing season. From American football to soccer to lacrosse, many different sports use fields that must be regularly maintained and seasonal weather can cut playing seasons short. Installing sports field liners below the surface allows water to be controlled more efficiently and keeps fields playable in all weather conditions. Athletic field liners are geomembrane materials, such as reinforced polyethylene (RPE) or reinforced polypropylene (RPP), that are installed with another material to create a gap that allows water to flow off of the field. Sports field liners capture stormwater, which can be used for landscaping and irrigation or controlled to avoid excess water runoff. Avoid excess water buildup that causes swampy fields that aren’t playable in all weather conditions.

Benefits of RPE Sports Field Liners

  • Prevents water seepage into the ground
  • Puncture and tear resistant
  • Provide superior water loss prevent
  • Soil and erosion control
  • RPE liners are used with layers of turf, sand and pipes to recycle and treat stormwater
  • Can be prefabricated in large panels and/or welded on-site
  • Environmentally friendly
In addition to keeping athletic fields playable in all conditions, sports field liners make it possible to recycle stormwater to be used for irrigation or other applications. BTL’s sports field liners are built to last and allow captured water to travel smoothly to its eventual destination. Our sports field liners are custom fabricated to your exact specifications - which likely depends on what type of athletic field you’re constructing - baseball, football, soccer and more. BTL offers full installation with includes the expertise of our certified welding technicians. Contact BTL for more information about athletic field liners and installation options.

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