Ian has been working with BTL since 2015 as a fabricator in production. His innovative thinking and strong work ethic helped him move into his current Lead Geosynthetics Technician role two short years later.

Ian has customer service and leadership experience through various positions and served as a Signal Support Systems Specialist in the U.S. Army. His time in the army taught him about integrity, commitment, and teamwork – skills he brings to the BTL team in spades. He loves the fast-paced work environment of BTL and how each job, whether big or small, is its own puzzle that needs to be solved.

In addition to the breadth of his work experience, Ian is also a man of many talents and enjoys hiking, exploring, reading, sketching, and learning about new technology and discoveries in his free time. In his downtime, Ian also loves spending time with his better half, Tamie, and his dog, La Luna.