Jared SantoroJared started at BTL in 2000 and has worked his way up to his current role as Vice President BTL Sales, Inc..

Following high school Jared attended college, returning to BTL during the summer. Jared intended for BTL to be a short-lived occupation, however with the work and travel opportunities the job provided, he decided to build a career at BTL. Since then, Jared has traveled to almost every state as well as many countries around the world with BTL. He believes the experiences gained through extensive travel are an education in and of themselves.

Jared spent 10 years as a fabricator and installer and is trained in all facets of operation and installation. When challenges arise, he can relate with the team and find solutions. Jared manages materials and pricing and maintains a good picture of the company’s sales and pipelines. Jared’s tenure with BTL makes it easier for him to understand and support customer needs.

“Having watched this company grow and achieve so much success, I am always excited by the opportunities and challenges presented. I am sincerely proud of our team and the strengths each of us offer. We are constantly evolving and envisioning new and more efficient ways to meet market needs. Sometimes our newest team members provide the insight to accomplish something. It’s really exciting when that happens,” says Jared.

Outside of work, Jared’s interests include mountain biking, kayaking, golfing, hiking, camping, hunting, fishing and sport shooting. He also enjoys building projects with his better half, Tisha. Jared has an 8yr old son and Tisha a 5yr old daughter.  They also have 2 cats and 2 snakes. Jared can do a full-to-the -ground, one-legged squat and hold his breath for two minutes.