Travis began working for BTL in 2002 when he was a senior in high school. He started as a general laborer. He worked in the shop fabricating, packaging, shipping and preparing liners for installs. Travis now holds the position of Vice President of BTL Lining, Inc.. When he started, they were a much smaller crew and ran a tight ship handling the orders from start to finish. BTL grew by leaps and bounds, and Travis was able to bring 15 years of knowledge as a fabricator and installer to the management team when he moved to the Vice President position.

Travis has installed more than 200 million square feet of liners around the globe. He coordinates all installations and orchestrates contract labor and technical services. Travis is a “fixer” and brings a can-do attitude of accomplishing hard tasks that look impossible to the team. He likes to prove to himself and others that he can complete them.

“Many long, grueling, hot and exhausting days of installing liners that you at one time looked at and seemed impossible, but we got the job done with impressed and happy customers,” Travis credits as one of his many contributions to BTL.

Travis loves the family atmosphere at BTL. He appreciates that the company and staff truly care about one another and they don’t hesitate to show you their gratitude.

Outside of work, Travis loves spending time with his wife Chelsea and their amazing boys Diesel and Cash. They do almost everything together, including snowmobiling, snowboarding, camping, mountain biking, wakeboarding, surfing and hunting.