Can I use black plastic as a pond liner?

Black plastic is a generic term for many different types of flexible materials, so check the actual composition of a product before using it in a pond. Many thin plastic films simply won’t last when used underwater or buried under a layer of gravel. They’re too thin, too prone to stretch, or too weak to UV degradation to last more than a few days to weeks. This is true of very thin polyethylene and polypropylene films more commonly used for weed barriers or soil treatment in the agriculture industry.

Other forms of black plastic, such as the reinforced polyethylene and polypropylene liners we sell here at BTL Liners, are definitely a good choice for lining a pond. You’ll notice our products have a noticeable grid pattern because of the reinforced design and a matte finish rather than a shiny surface. While our products are thinner than the thick sheets of EPDM rubber commonly sold for backyard ponds, they’re still much thicker than any temporary tarps or sheets designed for other uses. You’ll notice a difference in quality as soon as you handle these commercial quality pond liners. Make sure to choose a stable, sturdy black plastic material that won’t leach unwanted chemicals into the water and risk the health of your fish or plants.

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