Can rainwater be collected on the small scale in areas affected by the California Drought?

When you think of rainwater collection, the most common ideas are rain barrels at the small end of the scale or enormous retention ponds at the large end of the scale, but there is a middle ground. First of all, you’ll need to check with state and local regulatory bodies to learn if there are any restrictions on rainwater collection. Some places, like Colorado, prohibit residents from collecting rainwater on their property. If you find that rainwater collection is permissible, then there are options that go beyond rain barrels, but don’t require the acres upon acres of land that you’d expect for a large-scale retention pond.

One way to go about rainwater collection on your property is to use a kit specifically designed for this purpose. Different kits will feature different tools and mechanisms, but at the minimum, it should provide you with the tools to collect rainwater from rooftops, driveways, and other areas, then divert that water to your storage system. The storage system can be tanks, or you can build a small retention pond using one of our flexible liners. From there, water can be parceled out to irrigate your garden, a small patch of crops, or it can be filtered for a variety of other uses.

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