Can water preservation help solve agricultural water shortages due to the drought in the San Joaquin Valley?

Yes—and one way to do that is by creating lined ponds to collect and store rainwater for later irrigation. Areas like the San Joaquin Valley feature a Mediterranean climate, which is a drought-prone climate. Thus, agricultural ponds are incredibly valuable as a way to collect and store rainwater. Agriculture generated almost $50 billion in revenue for the State of California in 2016, which accounts for more than 11% of the United States’ total gross domestic agricultural product. California produces nearly half of all fruits, nuts and vegetables grown in the United States plus a lot of dairy and livestock, too. This is why new ways to harvest, store and preserve water—like rainwater retention—are so incredibly valuable.

RPE liners from BTL Liner are the best way to create rainwater retention ponds, and for a variety of reasons. It is efficient to build this type of pond compared to clay or other types of liners, and that means less time and money spent on construction. This is a particularly crucial factor for large scale operations that may want to build a series of rainwater retention ponds. RPE liners are also the most durable type of liner available—not prone to cracking, UV damage, punctures, tears and other issues that can cause leaks. Seepage is an ongoing concern with clay liners, but not so much with our RPE liners. RPE-lined ponds are also more easily covered than other types of ponds if you want to prevent water loss through evaporation. In short, these ponds are one key way to help mitigate California water shortages.

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