Can you put a pond on your property?

Municipalities and counties have different rules and ordinances about constructing ponds on your property. Those ordinances could range from simple easement restrictions to safety permits or based on the complexity, size and depth of your proposed pond, there may even be requirements for a full engineering plan with associated approvals. If you’re in a neighborhood with an HOA, they may also have some say in what is placed in your yard.

If you live in an area with protected wetlands, the question becomes more complex. You’ll likely need certification that your proposed location is not part of a protected wetland, and it’s a good idea to understand what might cause your pond to become a protected wetland. It may also be worth looking into any rules of water conservation in the area that could affect the operation of your pond - use of municipal water for topping off, for example. It’s always best to start your project off at the county planning board to see what individual requirements (if any) exist for a pond of your size and type. Ask lots of questions and see if they can suggest any other places you need to check as well.

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