BTL’s Geomembrane Projects

BTL has worked on major geomembrane projects all over the world. We fabricate the largest panels in the industry and have expert installers to help with perfectly executing your large geomembrane projects. Our experience combined with the materials we use, the speed in which we deliver our products, and the promise of guaranteed containment make us the best choice for your geomembrane projects.

We’re proud of the work we’ve done and want to share our accomplishments and contributions to these projects with you. Read below for more information about BTL’s involvement in these large-scale regional, national and international projects.


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BTL’s Record Breaking Irrigation Reservoir

40 acres covered in only 4 days

BTL has developed a reputation for both innovation and leadership in the RPE liners industry since the 1980s when we pioneered the development of heavyweight reinforced polyethylene liners.

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Tumbler Ridge Coal Mine

Installation of 40-mil geomembrane in 8 days

Northeastern British Columbia could, by most definitions, be considered the middle of nowhere. Tumbler Ridge (pop. 2,710), a district municipality in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies bordering Alberta, is, and was from its inception in 1981, all about coal. Like many a town with a single major industry, it waxes and wanes on the strength of that industry.
A paean to the wisdom of prefabrication, the Tumbler Ridge job wrapped up in late September, 2015 with relatively few roadblocks and no winter snow. The whole lining project took eight days start to finish and the lining portion was completed within three-and-a-half days of that timeframe, with geotextile and pipe penetrations occupying the rest.

000000ft 2 Coal Mine

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Frac Tank Floating Insulated Covers

Oil, Gas, Mining

BTL Liners insulated frac tank cover on right keeps the water from freezing while next to BTL Liners is a traditional tank with thick ice formed.
BTL Liners provides containment solutions for the oil & gas industry nationwide, including Bakken, Marcellus, Eagle Ford, and others.
Our custom factory-fabricated PPL™ and BTL™ reinforced flexible containment liners have set the standards for the oil, gas, mining and geothermal energy sectors.

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