How can geomembrane systems help mitigate the water shortage during the California drought?

Geomembrane systems can do a lot to help mitigate water shortages, including irrigation systems, retention ponds, and rainwater collection systems. Rainwater collection is a vital way to create stores of water that can be used as needed to water crops. This includes building not only collection facilities, but also retention ponds to store the water for future use. Irrigation systems require ditches, piping, and other equipment in order to carry water to crops.

All of these things have one thing in common: Geomembranes play a pivotal role in water collection, storage, and transport. Collection ponds, retention ponds, and irrigation ditches can all be lined with flexible liners like those we offer here at BTL Liners. In fact, BTL has become a major player in California specifically because we create some of the industry’s largest liner panels, which are needed for large-scale farming operations that require massive ponds and irrigation systems to store and distribute millions of gallons of water. In addition to producing large geomembranes, our products are also uniquely suited to water collection and storage, featuring UV resistance, tear resistance, and a reinforced polyethylene laminate design that gives our liners extra durability.

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