How can rainwater collection help with the California drought?

Rainwater collection is one of the key ways to help supplement the area’s water supply. California is working to regulate water consumption statewide, but in the meantime, other measures are needed to ensure that people and businesses have the water they need. Thus, there is a need for systems designed to capture rainwater as it becomes available, then store it for later use. This requires the construction of large holding ponds, usually lined with geomembranes like the products we offer here at BTL Liners.

There are many benefits to rainwater collection in addition to providing supplemental water for individuals and businesses. In low-lying areas that are prone to flooding or flash flooding, this can be an important way to prevent that flooding—and that can lead to reduced pollution in other bodies of water since rainwater runoff is often contaminated with eroded soil and other compounds. Rainwater collection eases the demand placed on wells, and that in turn may help California sustain groundwater levels. Rainwater is also a good source of potable water since it is largely free of salts.

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