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Is hydroponic farming profitable?

In fact, there are thousands of hydroponic farm businesses and growers who make their living with hydroponics, from major producers to individuals who have expanded their hobby to a profitable avocation. It's clear, then, that hydroponic farming can certainly be profitable, but as in any venture, the success of an individual business depends on many factors.

One of the factors that can determine profitability is your choice of product. It's hard to compete with produce that is easily found in your local grocery stores for price, so you need to offer something exceptional that makes it worth the extra cost. Some growers establish relationships with local restauranteurs to provide top quality fresh-off-the-vine produce on a daily basis. Other growers specialize in producing high value crops during the off-season or that are hard to find locally (but still sought after). Some farmers focus on organic certification. There are plenty of other factors that determine profitability, but choosing the right product is the first one.

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