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Secondary containment prevents hazardous liquids from polluting soil and water. Secondary containment provides a double enclosure to reinforce storage systems, holding materials that are toxic, flammable, reactive, combustible or corrosive.

BTL’s green liners and geomembrane containment systems support a variety of secondary containment applications. Minimize the potential danger of hazardous liquid leaks with high-strength RPE and RPP liners, covers and containment systems. For the ultimate in containment and protection, choose a flame-resistant liner.
Benefits of Secondary Containment

  •     Can lower disposal, clean up and maintenance costs
  •     Can lower insurance premiums
  •     Can reduce liability risks
  •     Can increase property value
  •     Manages potential facility and environmental damage
  •     Fulfills federal requirements for regulated materials
  •     Available in a flame-resistant material

Oil, Gas and Mining

BTL’s specialty geosynthetics align perfectly with the requirements of the oil, gas and mining industries. In order to protect the environment and preserve your product during transportation and storage, secondary containment plays a large role. BTL provides liners for the oil and gas industries nationwide with liners for oil and gas frac pits, drilling site pit and pad liners, fire retention ponds, oil field containment, above ground containment and mining containment systems.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires that facilities storing large quantities of petroleum products must have a plan in plan in place in the event of a spill. In addition to the oil, gas and mining industries, secondary containment should be used in other applications when oil and other toxic or flammable materials are involved. An oil-filled transformer in the electrical utility industry often requires secondary containment to contain a spill. Containment using geomembrane liners offers a cost-effective option for cleanup in the case of a spill or leak.

Portable spill containment systems act as basins to catch different types of hazardous chemicals and liquids. This type of containment can be used to capture contaminated water in different applications, such as the spraying of pesticides.
Quality Liners and Containment

BTL offers customers high-strength geomembrane containment systems. Contact BTL for more information about our secondary containment solutions and specialty geosynthetics.

  •     Oil and Gas Frac Pits
  •     Mining Containment Systems
  •     Drilling Site Pit and Pad Liners
  •     Secondary Containment
  •     Fire Retention Ponds
  •     Geomembrane Baffle Curtains
  •     Oil Field Containment
  •     Salt Disposal Pits Liners
  •     Above Ground Containment
  •     Floating Covers

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