Golf, Swimming/Fishing Liners

BTL’s pond liners serve a variety of purposes in commercial and residential settings. From koi ponds and backyard decorative waterfalls to irrigation water containment to golf course ponds, you’ll be able to find the perfect pond liner at BTL Liners. BTL Liners has furnished and installed many woven-coated RPE liners for water features and golf course ponds.

Our reinforced polyethylene (RPE) and reinforced polypropylene (RPP) liners are fish and plant safe, which is perfect for golf course ponds.

BTL has provided durable and puncture-resistant liners for golf course ponds throughout the country. Golf course ponds provide difficult water features to challenge your golf game and offer stunning views for those living in golf communities. In addition to lining golf course ponds, BTL’s recreational liners have also been used for water ski lakes, cable wake lakes, swimming and fishing ponds and as dam liners. BTL’s RPE and RPP liners have many recreational functions.

Whether you are lining an irrigation pond, an industrial pond, a golf course pond or water hazard or a water feature in your own front yard, BTL™ has the right pond liner for you at the most competitive price. BTL Liners can create the largest single panels possible in order to minimize seams. Both our RPE and RPP liners are fish and plant safe.