What is a geomembrane system?

A geomembrane system involves a series of geomembrane sheets and liners in order to manage and control gas or liquid flow. Different thicknesses and types of geomembranes can work in tandem to separate, transport, contain, or store a variety of fluids and gases.

An excellent example of a geomembrane system would be that of a sanitary landfill. Geomembranes are used in numerous ways to help contain waste and prevent seepage. A sanitary landfill is placed within an excavated pit, with layers of waste separated by daily covers. The pit itself must be completely lined to protect the surrounding soil from pollution or seepage. Daily covers are impermeable geomembranes that prevent odors or pollution from leaving the landfill, and protect the waste from precipitation. Fluid is still able to form within the landfill anyway, from liquid waste, decomposing organic materials, and general 'garbage juices'. This leachate is incredibly abrasive and toxic, and is prevented from entering the nearby environment through a series of geomembrane liners.

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