What types of closed algae systems are there, and what are their advantages?

Closed algae systems cost much more to install and maintain, but they do come with a variety of advantages that can’t be replicated in an open algae pond. To start with, closed systems are almost always built indoors, which gives you complete control over factors like temperature and the amount of sunlight the algae receive. Equipment is also easier to access and maintain, too. As far as growing algae in closed systems, you’ll have better control over water quality, nutrients and potential contaminants.

Closed algae systems come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Bioreactors are a tyle of closed system, as are tubes, trays and panels, all designed to grow algae indoors at maximum efficiency. Usually these types of systems are used to produce specific kinds of algae where the need for protection against contaminants is high, and where growing conditions must be very specific in order to keep the algae thriving.

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