What's the best fish for nursery ponds?

Lots of fish can do well in aquaculture, and therefore artificial nursery ponds, with the best options being those that grow generally quickly, and are durable against stress or poor conditions. Some fish will require more maintanence or automation to provide the ideal conditions for. Walleye and catfish are particularly vulnerable to confusion due to reflection from light passing through glass. This causes stress, and can make feeding much harder. If you're growing a different kind of stock, like shrimp, they may prefer unique environments, like extra surface area in the form of baffles or walls in order to gather together and provide shelter. Some fish grow very quickly, like the popular options tilapia or catfish. Other fish are particularly resistant to poor conditions, stress, or diseases, like tuna or salmon.

While most fish prefer and will grow best in warm climates, there are always exceptions. Different species will prefer more or less dissolved oxygen, or be able to handle poorer conditions than others. Consider how often you plan to harvest your fish, and how much time and money you're willing to invest into maintaining water conditions when choosing the kind of fish to raise and harvest.

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