Chapter 5: The BTL Golf Course Pond Liner Advantage

BTL is an industry leader in RPE liners. We introduced the first heavyweight RPE liners using a stronger, thicker, double-scrim reinforced polyethylene (RPE) material some 30 years ago. Today, we fabricate millions of square feet of RPE per year. We offer products in a large range of thicknesses and coating options for specialized protection, providing the absolute best value for your money.


Liner purchasers typically must make a choice between a long wait for customized products or prefabricated liners that just don’t fit. To resolve this industry-wide problem, we fabricate our liners in-house and can size them on-site to exact specifications. We also maintain a huge inventory of liner products to provide you with much quicker delivery than other manufactures.

The weakest point of any geomembrane material is the seam that binds two panels together. To minimize this issue, we cut down on the number of seams required and then we reinforce each one. For example, the industry standard is to place geotextile seams 20 feet apart. Our prefabricated liners place seams 350 feet apart. (This means that other companies will use about 17 seams for every one of ours.) As you can imagine this greatly increases the efficacy, functionality, and durability of our products. In addition, our seams are prefabricated at our facilities using the same rigorous standards as the rest of our production processes. Since we don’t have to seam on-site, several negative variables including bad weather delays and installation errors are greatly reduced.

BTL Liners 84,000-foot facility produces more than 75,000,000 square feet of material every year.  In fact, we’re known for making the largest single panels in the industry. Enormous panels like these can greatly reduce or sometimes eliminate the need for seams - a major source of leaks in lined ponds. Using any other material, panels this size would be impossible to work with, but our reinforced RPE products are lightweight, thinner than comparable liners in other materials, and incredibly durable, which means we can pack them tightly and ship with confidence.

BTL Liners can provide geomembrane materials in the size you need for any project; using custom fabrication techniques to fit your specifications. Because we create custom liners in-house, we can have them shipped to you whenever you need them with minimum lead time. If special detailed fitting is required, we’re ready to tackle that on-site with the same quality welding equipment we use in-house. In other words, we have everything ready to go so that your next project can go as smoothly as possible. Contact us for more information about your unique requirements!

BTL Liners has fabricated and installed countless RPE liners and our team currently boasts over 280 combined years of experience. We don’t hire contractors, so our highly experienced, professionally trained team members are personally invested in your satisfaction. This means you’ll get the best service and the highest quality, technical advice possible-- all at a reasonable cost. We’re also incredibly fast! We’ll come to your jobsite, use your labor and equipment, and do all of the technical welding. You’ll be amazed what your team can accomplish under our expert leadership. In fact, in one record-setting case we installed a liner for a 40-acre irrigation reservoir (equaling about 36 American football fields) in only four days!

Our team stands apart with our highly qualified installers, each of whom hold International Association of Geosynthetic Installers’ (IAGI) Certified Welding Technician (CWT) certifications. We have years of experience providing installation assistance and technical advisory on job sites all over the world. You’ll find that our experience, certification, and dedication to outstanding customer service, set us apart from the very first inquiry all the way through installation and follow up.

Liners that are vulnerable to punctures or tears, like PVC and EPDM, should always be installed with an underlayment to protect from sharp rocks and roots, mishaps during installation, damage during cleaning and repairs, and even from hazards like sunken debris. The best underlayment is a tough, non-woven geotextile fabric which can be purchased along with the liner. In fact, underlayment is sometimes required to meet conditions of the liner’s warranty. RPE liners are incorporated with an interlocking scrim layer reinforcement, which provides exceptional durability against punctures and friction, so they do not require underlayment.

PVC is highly vulnerable to UV exposure and ozone, so it shouldn’t be exposed to air for any length of time. Manufacturers recommend that PVC liners be covered by 8”-12” of silt for full protection, even underwater. Like clay liners, this could remove a significant amount of usable volume for the pond. Since the silt simply rests on the liner, steep inclines are impractical, and the depth of the protective silt can vary with water currents or other disturbances, potentially leaving portions unprotected. Edges can be an issue too. Even carefully anchored liner on pond banks can be exposed by erosion or through digging by curious wildlife. Once those sections, however small, have degraded, tears and crumbling along the margins spell the end of your liner. Remember, the expected 10-year lifetime of PVC liners assumes zero exposure to the sun.

EPDM is less vulnerable to UV exposure than PVC, but it has similar issues which mean even EPDM will shrink and become brittle over time. Combined with extreme vulnerability to punctures, the only realistic choice if you’re hoping for a 20-year lifespan, is to purchase 45 or 60 mil liner. This thicker material makes the heaviest of the liner options even heavier, and the cost of shipping and installation is increased on both fronts. Then there’s all those seams.

RPE liner offers high UV, oxidation and ozone resistance right out of the gate, but BTL Liners also offers five products in our AquaArmor line that include coating designed to withstand even prolonged exposure to UV rays. These features allow us to offer a 20-year warranty on fully exposed liner. That’s an impressive guarantee!

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