Alternative Daily Covers for Landfills: What the EPA Needs You to Know

At the end of each workday, landfill operators are required to cover any waste placed in any municipal solid waste landfill with either half a foot of soil or an acceptable alternative daily cover (ADC). A daily cover helps to reduce odors, fire hazards, pest attraction, and prevents dust and litter from blowing. 
Here, we will go over the approval processes for EPA-approved ADCs as well as the necessary performance standards.

What is the Approval Process for an ADC Landfill Cover?

First, an ADC needs approval in your waste facility’s permit. Any permittee can request approval for their preferred ADC through an application for a renewal, minor permit modification, or an original permit. However, some ADCs are also eligible for approval via the streamlined insignificant facility modification process. 
Here’s how you can obtain approval for your preferred ADC. 

Acceptable ADC Materials for Landfill Covers

For many common types of ADCs, a permittee can notify their local Department of Environmental Management of an insignificant facility modification for 7 days after starting the use of a new ADC. 
There are several ADC materials which qualify for this option:
  • Geotextiles (including ArmorCover)
  • Wood chips
  • Compost
  • Foundry sand
  • Plastic tarpaulins (tarps)
  • Uncontaminated brick, concrete, or rock
  • Uncontaminated dirt and road demolition waste materials 
  • Altered tires
  • Dewatered publicly owned treatment works sludge 
  • Soil contaminated with vegetable oil
  • Petroleum contaminated soil
  • Dewatered paper sludge
While a permittee is only required to submit a notification as described to use the previous ADCs, a permittee must maintain documentation to show that your ADC complies with the limits and performance standards given by your Department of Environmental Management and the United States Environmental Protection Agency. 
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