Backyard Ice Rink Liners - Bring the Game Home

In many areas of the world the thought of hockey is starting to fade with the melting snow as spring approaches. Fortunately for hockey buffs in deeply cold climates, it’s not too late to build your very own backyard ice rink. BTL Liners sells ice rink liners - suitable for residential or commercial use. If you live somewhere that’s cold in the winter and the thought of the forthcoming warm weather bums you out, don’t worry, it’s never too early to start planning for next year with ice rink liners.

Benefits of Ice Rink Liners

For hockey fans that live in climates where it doesn’t often reach temperatures above freezing in the winter, a liner may not be necessary, but is recommended in most situations.
  • If you live in a town that regularly sees winter temperatures above 40 degrees, you will definitely need an ice rink liner
  • If you want to be able to turn your hose on a let the area flood, a liner is recommended
  • Without a liner, you will lose a lot of water
  • Liners can often be rolled up and stored to be reused the next season in the case of backyard ice rinks
  • BTL Liners can custom make ice rink liners to your exact specifications
Bring the game home with backyard ice rink liners. Whether you want to practice your slapshot or have a burgeoning ice dancer in the family, backyard ice rinks provide fun and convenience for everyone.

Considerations When Building a Backyard Ice Rink

In addition to whether or not you want to use ice rink liners, there are other elements to take into consideration.
  • A good rink will have a length-to-width ratio of about 2-1
  • Choose the flattest part of your yard, but be aware even the flattest part probably have a slope, which affects how much ice is at each end
  • How high do you want the boards around the rink to come up? This affects whether you freeze the boards into the ice, which means the part above the ice will be lower, or add the wall on top
Remember that water freezes from the top down, so don’t walk on your rink until it is frozen all the way to the ground. Be sure to remove snow immediately as it is full of air and can cause excess air bubbles between layers of ice. Contact BTL Liners for more information about backyard ice rink liners. With BTL’s ice rink liners you’ll be skating blue line to blue line in no time.

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