Benefits of a Farm Pond

Farming relies so heavily on an abundant source of water that it’s not surprising that the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) estimates there are at least 4 million farm ponds in the country. Ponds are relatively easy and affordable to create, offer multiple benefits to the property owner, and require relatively little maintenance and troubleshooting when built correctly. Some of the uses and benefits of farm ponds include:

  • Watering livestock
  • Irrigating crop fields and hoop houses
  • Growing fish for recreational sport or sale
  • Swimming, boating, and other recreational water activities
  • Collecting surface runoff in a convenient location to prevent erosion and flooding
  • Generating power by creating a head through a drop from a pond dam to a turbine
  • Supplying water for firefighting and creating fire breaks throughout the landscape
  • Spraying orchards and crop fields to spread pesticides and fungicides or to prevent frost damage
  • Attracting wildlife for hunting and increasing local ecosystem diversity
  • Improving the beauty and overall value of a property


A well-designed pond will benefit the farm for decades, while a poorly planned one can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. Make sure your farm pond fits your needs and requires as little work as possible by educating yourself on the essentials of small pond design.

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