BTL Donates Containment Boom to Ochoco Irrigation Distric for Crooked River

BTL Liners, an Oregon-based liner and containment manufacturing company, has announced their recent contribution to Crooked River in the form of 300' of containment boom. This device is a floating curtain, which is to be stretched over the water to divert debris from pumps that are used for irrigation in the waterway. Crooked River is located in Prineville, Oregon, the same city and state as BTL Liners, and can be found below Bowman Dam. These booms aren't usually used for collecting floating debris in lakes and rivers, but are typically found in areas where commercial oil spills require emergency cleanup. The District Manager of Ochoco Irrigation District has said the following in regard to the booms and the donation: "We expect the boom will divert moss and other debris away from our irrigation pumps and gates, which will definitely save us time and money! We're very grateful for BTL's generous donation." The products that were donated to this cause are designed as long yellow tubes which float on top of the water. These tubes have curtains which hang below the water to gather debris as it falls beneath surface level. Ballast weights are used to keep the equipment firmly lodged in the water where it is placed, so that the elements don't remove or damage it. BTL Liners has produced similar charitable donations for other local containment needs in the past, and their products are sold within their website. BTL has designed, fabricated and constructed liners and containment systems for projects all over the world. Applications include recreational pond & lake liners & containment systems, energy industry liners & containment systems, ranch & farm tarps, environmental covers, pits and conservation solutions, commercial containment liners, waterscape projects, storm water containment, government projects, hazardous containment projects, and more. Their love for local business and community spirit branches outside of their state of Oregon into the entirety of North America; they have stated: "BTLs products come from materials produced entirely in North America. Many of our competitors use imported goods from Asian markets, but we believe that jobs should be created and preserved here at home whenever possible. Some of our supplier relationships have been sustained for over 30 years! Longstanding relationships mean that we can guarantee superior quality control, availability and reliable pricing." More information on all of the services offered, custom jobs which can be commissioned, pricing, and news within the industry can be found on the company website.

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