BTL Liners Donates Containment Boom To Oregon's Big Lake Youth Camp

BTL Liners, an Oregon based liner and containment system company, has donated a containment boom to Big Lake Youth Camp. The product will be used to keep wood chips from entering the recreational portion of the lake after storms, as well as to delineate the swimming and boating spaces of the lake. The booms that were donated to Big Lake Youth Camp include yellow tubing which floats above the waterline, with a curtain of material hanging below to gather debris that is on or below the edge of the water. Weights are used to keep these materials from floating or blowing away, and BTL hopes that the donated products will make a difference in alleviating the stress of cleaning of the lake. Big Lake Youth Camp is set in the Willamette National Forest, and was one of the top kids camps listed in NW Kids Magazine this year. It has been in operation for more than five decades and is described as helping children from the U.S. and internationally to come together and learn about self-awareness and the development of goals. This donation from BTL liners will not only help the children and camp counselors to keep the lake clear, but it can also be utilized to skim off any debris that is caught in the lake, which can be recycled by the camp and put to other uses. The director of Big Lake Youth Camp, Les Zolldrecht, has said the following regarding the contribution from BTL and what it means to the camp and its inhabitants: "BTL created a tarp for our portable climbing wall previously, and when they contacted us regarding the donation of the containment boom, we were very thankful. We are sure that the boom will greatly help our day-to-day operations." BTL Liners has been in the business of designing and producing these types of containment booms and other products for more than three decades. They have stated that all of their products are created using high quality durable materials that make for highly dependable systems, which are customizable by company or industry. The company website,, provides further insight into the company and its additional products, events, and charitable offerings. BTL provides products for the oil, gas, mining, agricultural and environmental industries, and acts as a means for businesses and organizations to create clean, sustainable water resources.

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