BTL's Commitment to the Environment

Question: How is BTL committed to a healthy environment? Answer: Great question! Here at BTL Liners, we are doing our part to decrease our ecological footprint and support green initiatives. Through actions both large and small, we search for ways to make a difference in our world.

  • BTL Liners has an in-house recycling program for cans, bottles, office paper, glass and cardboard. This is a simple effort that can make a significant difference in the long-term.
  • BTL Liners employs a “Reduce & Reuse” philosophy in our fabricating practices. We reuse corner pieces or tailings from our polyethylene product to manufacture pipe boots and sleeves, or for padding on installations. Our geotextile tailings are used to manufacture small sediment or sand bags, which are used to hold liners in place. We endeavor to waste nothing in our fabrication, and look for new uses for our leftover material.
  • BTL’s natural landscape was designed to incorporate native plants such as sage and juniper. This serves two purposes: First, native plants require minimal to no watering. The few plants in our landscape that do require watering are supported by a low-usage drip system. Second, native plants maintain habitats for local wildlife, and we see indications of their presence all year long. We enjoy watching the local birds feast on juniper berries, and we've seen evidence of bucks sharpening their horns on our trees, as well as scat from coyotes and other nocturnal animals. We're pleased to have such a variety of wild visitors in the area!
  • Our employees are encouraged to carpool as much as possible during their commutes from Bend to Prineville, and our standard hours of production are conducive to that goal. We are pleased that the BTL company philosophy of energy and environmental conservation is supported by our employees, and we are proud to see them trade in their gas-guzzling trucks for fuel-efficient vehicles.
BTL’s products and services all relate to environmental protection and sustainable development—from stormwater management and the protection of land and water resources, to containment of contaminated soils and liquids. For over 30 years, BTL has designed, fabricated and constructed the most durable and dependable custom containment systems on the planet, protecting the most valuable natural resources of the world. Please contact us if we can help with your next project!

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