Chemical and Fuel Resistant Liners for Secondary Containment

The production of gas and oil is on the increase. This is due largely to demand brought on by global population growth and emerging economies. Yet it is also one of the the most hazardous industries on the planet, which raises environmental concerns. The use of fuel-resistant secondary containment liners can protect the surrounding environment and prevent water and soil contamination.  

Secondary containment

Secondary containment refers to an outer wall or secondary barrier that serves as a double enclosure in preventing the leakage of hazardous liquids, and the ensuing contamination of soil and water. They also provide further reinforcement of storage systems, holding materials that are toxic, flammable, reactive, combustible or corrosive. Flammable, reactive, combustible or corrosive materials require secondary containment. If your material is questionable, check your state’s Critical Materials Register to find out if you need to contain it with a secondary container.   Even if the your storage materials aren’t included on these lists, secondary containment is wise in order to prevent any possible pollutants from spilling or leaking into the groundwater supply.  A geomembrane liner is sound solution for controlling such spills and leaks. The liner will resist damage caused by tank contents, nature elements, or tears and punctures.  

Meeting regulations

Secondary containment must meet regulations set forth by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Choosing the best secondary containment liners will help you comply with environmental guidelines. In following EPA regulations for secondary containment, along with selecting the highest quality strong and durable liners, you’ll be taking important steps to ensure the material you are storing will not release pollutants into the surrounding area. Secondary containment liners help protect the environment in the event of a breach and can contain a variety of chemicals. These specialty containment liners must be created from materials compatible with the contained wastes. They must also have the strength and thickness to prevent failure due to pressure. Different chemicals are used in a variety of applications and industries, but all need secure containment. Choosing secondary containment liners for underground tanks, above ground tanks and portable chemical storage containers all require durable, chemical resistant and in some cases fuel resistant material that can also stand up to the task in the event of a breach or spill.  

Chemical and fuel resistant

An important feature to keep in mind when choosing a secondary containment liner is its chemical or fuel resistance. It’s important to make sure that the geomembrane won’t deteriorate from contact with the substance. In the case of flammable and combustible liquids, fuel resistance is extremely important in a second containment liner. Our liners and geomembrane containment systems support a variety of secondary containment applications. You can minimize the potential danger of hazardous liquid leaks with high-strength RPE and RPP liners, covers and containment systems. Flame resistant liners are also available.   

Liners designed for your application

Rest assured, our specialty geosynthetics will meet the requirements of the oil, gas and mining industries. In order to protect the environment and preserve your product during transportation and storage, secondary containment plays a large role. Specially designed liners are available for these applications. These include:  fracking pits, drilling site pit and pad liners, fire retention ponds, aboveground, oil field and mining containment systems. Meet your secondary containment requirements as outlined by the EPA. BTL Liners can help. Contact us today so that we can help you find the perfect liner for your application.

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