Choose Prefabricated Liners for Your Next Containment Project

Prefabricated liners can make all the difference in the installation of your next project. In addition to potential cost savings, liner prefabrication can help ensure panel seam integrity and overall liner quality. For large liner installation projects, prefabrication has many advantages, which all lead to a quality install and high-performance product.

Benefits of Prefabricated Liners

Typical reading about on-site geomembrane welding and prefabricated liners covers the differences between the two and why one is better than the other. In truth, it doesn’t have to be one or the other, especially for large projects. Prefabricated liners have many benefits, which coincide with the use of on-site geomembrane welding.
  • Reduced installation time
  • Reduces field seams and potential leak paths
  • Lower installation costs and personnel time
  • Fabricated in a controlled, clean, low moisture environment

Controlled Environment

The most important advantage when it comes to using prefabricated liners for your containment projects comes from the clean, controlled environment in which they are fabricated. By fabricating large panels in a manufacturing facility, it eliminates environmental elements that could be destructive to the quality of the liner and the installation itself. Without moisture and the wind, prefabricated liners offer an advanced level of quality over smaller panels welded in the field.

Liner Quality and Consistency

Prefabrication allows larger panels to be manufactured with fewer field seams, which improves the quality of the liner and decreases the possibility of potential leaks. Consistency in the seams is another advantage of prefabricated liners. Consistency in prefabricated liners helps increase the performance and quality of your project.

Installation Process

In addition to quality and performance, prefabricated liners can help reduce installation time and lower costs. By manufacturing larger panels, you reduce the number of seams needed during the on-site installation process. Fewer seams equate to less time spent welding during the installation process. With fewer seams, you’ll need fewer welders, which saves on personnel costs. Less time in the field for installation means less money spent on labor and equipment. Choose prefabricated geomembranes for your next containment project in order to increase quality and performance and decrease installation time and costs. At BTL Liners, we fabricate the largest panels in the industry in order to make your liner project quick and easy to install. Contact BTL for more information about prefabricated geomembrane liners.

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