Choosing a Liner for Your Fire Pond

Selecting smart lining for your fire pond is the best way to ensure its longevity. In this article, we’ll go over the most popular materials homeowners use for their fire ponds so you can make an educated choice and select the method that’s right for you! 

Natural Bottoms 

Natural bottoms are one of the first options many consider when building a pond. These natural pond bottoms can create an organic feel that many people enjoy. 

The major downside to these natural bottoms is the complexity of use when it comes to a variety of ponds. The main issue with utilizing a natural pond bottom when implementing a fire suppression pond is the volume needed for emergency teams. Natural bottoms typically work best for small, simple ponds.

Another essential consideration, before installing a fire suppression pond, is the local ecosystem and makeup of the soil. Natural pond bottoms require very densely packed soils or clay bottoms to prevent loss of water into the soil and back into the groundwater. This loss increases the overall cost of filling your pond, especially if you are using well water. 

If you choose to fill your fire pond with rainwater, your pond can continuously lose water through seepage into the water table. This can lead to having dangerously low water levels during the dry season, which can inhibit the ability of the fire suppression pond to fulfill its purpose. 

While some may be initially drawn to the idea of a natural pond bottom, in most locations, it does not meet the requirements needed to ensure your property is protected from fires.

Geosynthetic Liners

Many installers choose to implement a geosynthetic liner, such as AquaArmor from BTL Liners, when constructing a deep pond and when durability and water retention really count. 

Selecting a pond liner built with reinforced polyethylene (RPE) gives your pond a significantly higher resistance to punctures, tears, and abrasion than other liners can provide. A high-quality liner can also improve resistance and strength in case your pond is called upon to fill tanks for helicopters or fire trucks. 

BTL’s geomembrane liners also customizable, which makes them a great choice for many pond designs that blend both aesthetic and practical elements. 

BTL Liners AquaArmor comes in a multiple thicknesses, from 20mm up to 45mm, making AquaArmor the most versatile liner on the market. To learn more, about lining your specific project, please contact our team.

Liners by BTL

AquaArmor Pond Liner

The most versatile liner on the market today, AquaArmor maximizes protection from harmful UV rays, tear resistance and punctures that cause leaks. Simply the best liner on the market.

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