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Choose Extreme Cold Weather Pond Liners

With winter finally upon up, it’s got us thinking about extreme cold weather pond liners. Many factors contribute to your final decision when shopping for a pond liner. Your location and the climate there may play a larger role than you originally thought. When operating in colder climates, it’s important to choose a liner that can withstand far below freezing temperatures. Protect your water and your investment with extreme cold weather pond liners.

Up to 85 Degrees Below Zero

Extreme cold weather pond liners may not be a concern in warmer climates, but can be one of the biggest factors the closer you are to the North Pole. Typically, most manufacturers don’t test their extreme cold weather pond liners below -40 degrees Fahrenheit. At BTL Liners, both the entire BTL and PPL product lines have been tested and approved for use up to -85 degrees, which we’re proud to say is much better than most other cold weather pond liners on the market.

Cold Weather Pond Liners in Extreme Climates

Extreme cold weather pond liners can be used in a variety of applications. From liners for ice skating rinks to settling ponds for mining in the Yukon, when the temperatures drop, your pond liners shouldn’t crack. It’s important to choose extreme cold weather pond liners in order to protect against cracking, puncturing and abrasion from harsh chemicals. Even, and especially, in the most extreme cold weather climates, strength and flexibility remain important, no matter the application.

Extreme climates call for the strongest, most durable products on the planet. From mining to agriculture, preserving your geomembrane and the contents within it comes as one of your biggest priorities. Avoid cold cracking by choosing a cold weather pond liner that’s been tested and proven to resist cold cracking up to -85 degrees Fahrenheit. Contact BTL Liners for more information about the cold-resistance of our BTL and PPL product lines.

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  1. Pond in North Latvia and is in need of just a 18 foot x 23 foot sheet of liner. Here 42celsious below is about worse we have in hard winter but it is for a month in February time. Pond will be formal oblong in the earth if possible of just two block high above it at worse. If you can help then please quote price.

  2. Kevin,
    This definitely sounds like something we can do for you. If you could please reach out to, with more info on your project, he would be more than happy to get you a quote!

    Thank you,

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