How Do Containment Booms Help in an Oil Spill?

Containment booms have many benefits during an oil spill, but how exactly do they help? And what different types of booms can be used in emergency situations? Dive into the specific benefits and uses of containment booms.

What are Containment Booms?

Booms are temporary floating barriers used to contain an oil spill. Without containment booms, oil could spread further into the water supply and have negative effects on the environment. Booms help reduce the potential pollution to shorelines and help make recovery easier.

How do Booms Help in an Oil Spill?

Whether a floating tanker spills water, or a train transporting oil crashes on the side of the highway, booms can be used to corral oil in the water after a spill. Booms help to concentrate oil in one location, making it thicker and easier for vacuums, skimmers and other collection methods to be used. Containment booms can be fabricated for various levels of effectiveness and water conditions. Odds are, you wouldn’t want to use the same type of boom in a mild river as you would in the middle of the ocean, which is affected by the tides. Booms are generally used first and are the last piece of equipment to be removed after oil spill recovery. It’s important to use a boom designed for the right type of water condition. For example, as wave height increases, oil and other contaminants can wash over the top of the boom, which renders them useless. Choosing the right draft to aspect ratio and a well-designed boom can help protect the environment and increase effectiveness. Booms are the most commonly used and most environmentally acceptable response technique for oil spill cleanup. BTL Liners has extensive experience designing, creating and fabricating containment booms for oil spill cleanup. Be prepared to protect the environment with oil spill containment booms from BTL Liners.

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