Control Wastewater Seepage With Lagoon Liners

Lagoon liners can help control wastewater seepage, which is important for maintaining drinking water quality. Wastewater sludge and raw sewage contained in septic tanks, lagoons and sewer lines can leak, overflow and seep into the drinking water during the wastewater treatment cycle, which increases the risk of contaminants, bacteria, nitrates and toxic materials entering drinking water supplies.

Causes of Wastewater Seepage

There are several causes of wastewater seepage during the treatment process, including: Improperly lined lagoons - One of the most common causes of wastewater seepage is the improper lining of wastewater lagoons. Leaks in lagoon liners can cause wastewater to seep into the ground and nearby water supplies. Leaks can be caused by a number of reasons, including punctured liners, overflow and the use of a lining material that is penetrable like clay. Using durable geomembranes as lagoon liners can reduce the risk of wastewater seepage. Reduced lagoon capacity - Sludge buildup is one way that the capacity of lagoons is decreased. Reduced lagoon capacity increases the risk of wastewater to seep into groundwater and streams due to a lack of space for it to be contained. Excess waste water and contaminants - At times when the volume of wastewater being processed is high and there are larger concentrations of contaminants in the water can cause seepage. Movement of wastewater through the system slows, causing it to remain in place longer, give it more time to seep into the surrounding water districts.

Lagoon Liners to Prevent Seepage

Geosynthetic lagoon liners can be used to help prevent seepage during the wastewater treatment process. Geosynthetic lagoon liners can be fabricated in large sizes and installed on-site in order to reduce the potential of wastewater seepage. Choosing the right lagoon liner material makes a difference in the effectiveness. Reinforced polyethylene (RPE) and reinforced polypropylene (RPP) liners have many advantages when it comes to preventing wastewater seepage, including:
  • Puncture and tear resistance
  • Approved for potable water
  • Fish and plant safe
  • Excellent UV resistance when exposed to sunlight
  • Superior water loss prevention
  • Soil and erosion control
Contact BTL Liners for more information about using geosynthetic lagoon liners to prevent wastewater seepage during the water treatment process.

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