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Prepare for the Summer Sun with Custom Shade Covers

As spring sports season and a warm and sunny summer weather quickly approach, it’s time to start thinking about shade covers. BTL offers customers a wide array of shade covers made from different materials and colors with varying shade values. From sun sails to canopy covers to sun covers for patios, the custom covers department at BTL Liners can create the perfect protection from the sun’s harsh rays.

Whether you’re looking for temporary or permanent protection from the sun, BTL can fabricate shade covers perfect for your specific application.

Applications for Shade Covers

  • Temporary or permanent outdoor music stages
  • Bar and restaurant patios
  • Bleachers and seating
  • Dugout covers
  • Tennis courts
  • Playgrounds
  • Residential Use
  • RV and large vehicle cover
  • Sun sails for festivals, concerts and parks

These are just a few examples of the applications our sun shade covers can be fabricated for. The possibilities are endless. With a variety of materials to choose from, you will be able to get the exact sun and wind protection you need at BTL Liners.


Monkey Mesh – Considered a 40% shade value or 40% wind blockage material. It’s available in yellow, blue, white, red, green and black.

Monster Mesh – A 50% shade/wind blocking material. Available in just about every color of the rainbow. Contact BTL for exact color inquiries.

Gorilla Mesh – This is a 60% shade/wind blocking material and is only available in black. This product is commonly seen wrapping tennis courts.

All of our shade cover materials can be customized and fabricated to any specific size or shape. Customization also allows for snaps, d-rings, zippers, grommets, velcro and other fastening options. We can use a 1”, 1.5” or 2” webbing to reinforce the perimeter or any cutouts. The additional reinforcement gives our shade covers great strength and stability to avoid damage from high wind or heavy loads. BTL can fabricate these products for any application, making them a versatile option for our customers.

In addition to providing protection from sun and wind, these materials can be used at the end of barns and stalls to keep snow from drifting in the winter. If you would like to limit, but not stop something from passing through entirely, then BTL’s custom covers made from Monkey, Monster and Gorilla Mesh would be a great option for you specific application.

Prepare for the summer sunshine with shade covers from BTL Liners. Contact us for more information about colors, customization and how we can outfit a cover for your needs.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. The range of options and degree of customization offered make it easier for people to get exactly what they want out of one of these covers. I hadn’t considered using one for something other than covering a deck or patio, like for barns during the wintertime, so it’s nice to know there are off-season uses for these covers too.

  2. to cover a large patio area to protect from sun burns………….is this product effective and how much does it cost?

  3. Thank you for your inquiry, I have responded by email.

    Julie Hughes
    Sales/Marketing Coordinator
    BTL Sales, Inc.

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