Custom tank liners for water

Prevent Leaks with Reinforced Polyethylene Custom Tank Liners

When it comes to containment, there are many different types of tanks, cisterns and pools that can benefit from reinforced polyethylene custom tank liners. Custom tank liners are made to order and can expand the life of your tank or cistern. Custom drop-in tank liners are perfect for water storage and help prevent leaks.

Applications for Custom Tank Liners

  • Drinking water tanks
  • Primary and secondary containment
  • Agricultural tanks
  • Cisterns
  • Irrigation water storage tanks
  • Fuel containment
  • Above ground tanks
  • Below ground tanks
  • Stormwater collection tanks
  • Waste water containment tanks

From agriculture to energy and mining, custom tank liners can help prevent leaks in all different types of tanks. In the energy industry, tanks are used to hold waste water, fuel and fresh water. In order to prevent loss of these liquids, it’s important to use durable tanks with chemical-resistant, flexible liners. In order to protect the environment from potential leaks, contaminated water must be stored in reliable tanks. Custom tank liners provide protection from potential leaks and expand the lifespan of tanks.

In agriculture, custom tank liners hold water for irrigation, chemicals, fertilizers, livestock feed and water, food-grade products, wine, juices and more. Reinforced polyethylene (RPE) provides a durable barrier between your liquids and the tank itself, as well as with the outside world. RPE liners have non-corrosive properties, which make them perfect for storing fuel, chemicals and fertilizers. UV inhibitors in the liners expand the lifespan of your tanks by protecting them from the harmful rays of the sun.

Whether in use above ground or below, in large steel tanks or smaller green bins, tank liners have many applications. Custom tank liners can be rope hemmed in the top, include grommets and D-rings and more. Customizing tank liners is easy with BTL Liners.

4 responses to “Prevent Leaks with Reinforced Polyethylene Custom Tank Liners

  1. Do you ever sell defective liners for a discount? Looking to make a little in ground pond for dogs and a breeder in sand lake area said to contact you.

  2. Amanda,
    There are several options available for your application! Please feel free to give us a call when you can to discuss pricing!

    Julie Hughes

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