When to Choose Custom vs Preformed Pond Liners

When it comes time to build a pond, whether for commercial or residential use, you must determine whether custom or preformed pond liners should be used. Custom and preformed pond liners each have their strengths and weaknesses depending on the application, which is why it’s important to be educated when selecting which to use.

Preformed Pond Liners

Preformed pond liners have a variety of benefits, especially for smaller, residential ponds, as well as several disadvantages.
  • Preformed liners are typically easy to install
  • Preformed liners are manufactured into a predetermined shape
  • Less flexibility with size and shape because they are purchased preformed
  • Used most often for small garden pond liners
  • Usually made from plastic or fiberglass
  • Can be difficult to install a pond skimmer into hard preformed pond liners

Custom RPE Pond Liners

For larger scale ponds, for irrigation and landscaping or decorative koi ponds, custom RPE liners have many advantages over preformed lines.
  • Flexible - Especially compared to preformed pond liners
  • Custom fabricated to the specific size you need
  • RPE liners are considered one of the most durable pond liners available
  • Puncture resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Fish and plant safe
For commercial and industrial applications, custom fabricated RPE liners are always the way to go because of size requirements. Preformed pond liners are typically used for small, residential ponds and water gardens. Another instance where preformed liners could be use would be for natural swimming pools or small commercial water features. Custom RPE liners can be used for all of these applications. The ability to have RPE liners custom made for the specific size of your pond project is one it’s greatest features, along with durability and puncture resistance. When to choose custom or preformed liners is determined by the size and scope of the project itself. Smaller project generally can benefit from the easy of installation or preformed pond liners, but every applications can use flexible RPE liners. Contact BTL Liners for more information about custom RPE pond liners.

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