Different Light Deprivation Greenhouse Setups

There are several different designs to choose from, from the most complex, to the simplest. Some of the simplest designs are better for those who are operating on a smaller scale without the availability of grid-tied electric system so we will look at this design first. 

This simple design is only six feet high, and ten feet in width. This smaller design allows cultivators to simply pull a light deprivation greenhouse cover over the greenhouse by hand, without the need for a control arm to work the cover. The front door and adjacent backdoor on either end of the hoop house are made from screen to keep bugs out and allow for natural airflow through the greenhouse. Also, two exhaust fans are situated, the one at the far end pulling fresh air in with the one at the rear end pushing air out. Being under a protective layer of our ArmorCover product can help to keep humidity levels down, but don't forget about airflow as this is key to ensuring proper humidity levels. 

The frame of this greenhouse can be constructed out of wood, so long as the roof has a gentle, smooth slope so that it will not snag the light dep cover when it is applied and removed. Doors can simply be cut out from the poly layer and adhered with velcro to a wooden door frame. Only the front and back ends of this design require wood, with the hoops being made of steel or PVC. A wood backing is also used to hold the hoop structure in place along the sides of the greenhouse, but the use of bolted down brackets which hold each individual hoop in make for a simpler construction. A weed-barrier geotextile on top of leveled gravel often serves as the floor. Small circulation fans also move air within the greenhouse, and a dehumidifier keeps humidity low. 

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