Drought Water Conservation Efforts in Northern Chile

At BTL, we like to stay immersed in drought water conservation and collection efforts across the global. With a number of areas of the world in drought, we’re interested to see how these different areas try to collect the water they do have access to and how it affects their major industries. Throughout the world, drought has sparked the push for water conservation. For example, we recently read about how a seven-year-long drought has prompted growers in Northern Chile to find new ways to retain and conserve water.

Drought Water Conservation - Water Footprint Strategy

In an effort to beat dry conditions in Chile, drought water conservation comes as a high priority. Because measuring the water footprint is the first step towards reaching efficiency, Chile has gotten extra detailed about the breakdown. Breaking the footprint down into more detailed components allows a better understanding of how water is sourced and cycled through the system.
  • Green - measures the levels of precipitation
  • Blue - measures the levels of surface and groundwater
  • Grey - measures the water that is cycled through communities and wastewater facilities
By looking at these more specific components, Chile is making it’s measurements more effective for designing and implementing drought water conservation strategies. As a country, Chile is making specialized efforts to use it’s water more sustainably. By creating a highly detailed water footprint, they will be able to create real solutions for both drought water conservation and healthy management of water resources. Between residential water needs and the abundance of water needed for agriculture and mining, there’s a heavy pull for the limited resources available in Northern Chile. With groundwater wells drying up fast, Chile must find drought water conservation solutions. In cities like Copiapo, wastewater is being sold to mining companies instead of being used to recharge the region’s basins. Hopefully with a more detailed water footprint strategy, Chile will be able to find drought water conservation solutions. BTL provides drought water conservation solutions. From floating covers to retention pond liners and wastewater tank liners, we can work with you to find the perfect water saving geomembrane solution.

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