Preventing Erosion with Geomembrane Containment Liners

Geomembrane containment liners provide a seal between your pond and the elements around it, which is essential in preventing erosion. Ponds are used for a variety of purposes and in many different industries. Preventing erosion is a concern for all types of ponds. From degraded embankments to excessive sediment in ponds to reduced light penetration for photosynthesis, erosion can cause various problems. Geomembrane containment liners can help prevent erosion and protect water quality. Erosion control involves protecting the land surface from raindrops and flowing water. The energy exerted from water runoff can cause downcutting of the land, which results in gullies when moving downslope. Heavy rainfall can cause severe erosion on steep pond embankments and watersheds. Additionally, when livestock and wildlife graze on watershed and along the edges of ponds, these paths are highly erodible.

Geomembrane Containment Liners Can Help

Geomembrane containment liners can help with erosion control in a variety of ways. First, liners give shape and structure to your pond. Without a liner, water mixes with soil around the pond, which may cause it to lose shape and depth due to erosion from the banks. Liners can be used to help keep your pond’s shape and prevent erosion. Geomembrane containment liners made from reinforced polyethylene (RPE) or reinforced polypropylene (RPP) have many advantages, including:
  • Protects pond bottoms from erosion caused by culture species that stir up the sediment in search of food
  • Prevents leakage. An unlined pond can leak several feet of water a year
  • RPE and RPP liners are made to be flexible, durable and chemical resistant
  • Can be installed faster than traditional clay liners
  • Help prevent water contamination
  • Reinforce the ground to prevent erosion
  • Excellent resistance to UV exposure
Choosing geomembrane containment liners can make the biggest difference in erosion control. Use geomembrane containment liners to create a seal between your pond and the elements around it. By giving your pond shape and structure using geomembrane containment liners you will help prevent erosion and increase the lifespan and functionality of your pond. BTL Liners offers pond liners that can be custom fabricated to fit the exact specifications and shape of your next project. Contact us for more information about our RPE and RPP geomembrane containment liners.

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