Prevent Evaporation Loss with Floating Cover Systems

As the world’s most precious natural resource, it’s important to protect the available water supply. Evaporation accounts for a large amount of water loss in arid climates or in areas with seasonal rainfall. There are many methods for water conservation, but in open ponds, lakes and tanks, floating cover systems effectively prevent evaporation loss.

How Do Floating Cover Systems Prevent Evaporation?

Floating covers are geomembranes fabricated from durable plastic geotextiles. As inferred from the name, floating cover systems float on top of a water surface. Floating cover systems stop evaporation loss by preventing the dry air from contacting the water in a pond, reservoir or open tank. Floating cover systems reflect a portion of the incoming solar radiation and act as a barrier to the passage of water vapor. Additionally, floating covers can prevent evaporation caused by the wind, which is another way to conserve water in ponds and water storage tanks. Many floating cover systems can be fabricated in black or white reinforced polyethylene (RPE), or with black on one side and white on the other. White floating covers are ideal in the summer months and in desert, arid climates. White covers keep the temperatures down and help prevent evaporation by reflecting the sunlight off of the system, rather than absorbing it. When attempting to prevent evaporation in an open water setting, such as an irrigation pond or water storage tank, the amount of reduction can be influenced by the material of the floating cover system. Floating cover systems work most effectively when made from a material with a low transmission ratio, as well as with high reflection and absorption ratios. Floating covers are an effective way to prevent or reduce evaporation, especially in arid, desert climates that are susceptible to drought. In an effort to prevent the loss of this valuable natural resource, it’s important to choose floating covers that are designed for easy re-use and a cost effectiveness. Contact BTL Liners for more information about our options for floating cover systems.

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