Prepare to Extinguish Fireworks and Wildfires Using Fire Ponds

With the 4th of July upon us, it’s only fitting to think about how fire ponds can be used to protect your property from the harmful effects of fireworks, as well as other summer concerns like wildfires. Living in rural areas can often mean that firefighters and firetrucks filled with water aren’t readily accessible. Adding a fire pond could visually enhance your property as well as help protect it in the event of a fire caused by rogue fireworks or wildfires.

Fire Ponds in Rural Settings

Fire ponds are a great way to store water in rural areas, as well as add an element of visual beauty to your property. Because many rural areas don’t have the luxury of water systems and fire hydrants, fire ponds are used to fill fire trucks for local fire districts, which are typically run on a volunteer basis. Cisterns below ground are another option for filling trucks in rural areas. During an emergency situation, which could be caused by fireworks accidentally getting out of control, wildfire, arson or a number of other man-made incidents, a pull-out is usually installed adjacent to the fire pond with a stand-pipe that allows water to be withdrawn.
  • Fire ponds can be used to fill fire trucks
  • Upslope fire ponds with a good piping system can use gravity for fire protection
  • Electric or gas powered pumps can deliver more than 100 gallons a minute through a 1.5 inch hose
  • Adding a dry hydrant, which is a freeze-proof tap for your fire pond, allows fire trucks to hook up and easily start pumping
  • Making your pond equipped with a hydrant available for community use could potentially lower your town taxes and you may qualify for lower insurance rates
Fire ponds have many advantages in rural areas where fire fighting services may not be easily accessible. Because many fire districts in rural areas are run on a volunteer basis, making your  fire pond available for public use is beneficial for the entire community. In these cases, the local fire department may be able to assist with installation and parts. It’s essential when creating fire ponds to properly line them to reduce the amount of liquid lost through seepage. BTL Liners can help you find the perfect, custom pond liner for your fire protection pond. Contact BTL for more information about lining your rural fire protection pond.

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