Fire Ponds and Safety: General Rules for Emergency Access

A fire suppression pond is a phenomenal feature to have in order to defend your community or property, and you will want to let your local fire department or other emergency responders know how to best access the water before you begin construction. 

Valves and Piping

The general rule for having a high-quality fire suppression system is a 2 ½ inch valve with a 2 ½ inch male fitting on a pond or system that sits roughly 250 feet above the desired area to be protected. These systems are highly appreciated because they have the capabilities to deliver 250 gallons per minute without the use of electricity. Most rural homes and communities utilize either ¾ inch or 1-inch piping. 

Clear the Area Near Your House and Pond

If the local community has done a good job of removing most fuels and clearing the direct area next to the house and pond, a simple garden hose hooked up to the local water supply can be enough to keep any fires at bay around the home until these fuels expire. However, many communities either do not, or are not able to, maintain the grounds in this fashion. So, precautions need to be taken in order to prevent fires from burning out of control. 

Install the Safest Fire Suppression Pond Liner

Lining your fire suppression pond with geomembrane products like AquaArmor is an essential part of your project. Having a reliable, durable pond liner that consistently performs and keeps water from seeping into the ground will help emergency responders fight fires quickly and effectively.

Check with Your Local Fire Department

Making sure that your systems work with fire trucks and the hoses available for the local fire department is of paramount importance. 

You will need to contact your local fire department to find out how water is acquired locally for their trucks and helicopters. You will also want to confirm the type and style of fittings your fire department utilizes. These fittings should be purchased ahead of time and held on hand for throughout the installation of your fire suppression pond to maximize the safety of your project.
Fire departments also almost universally request that these fittings be painted a bright red color with reflectors mounted on the valve in order to improve visibility of the fitting for when rapid response is needed. 

The fitting itself should be located in an area that is easily accessible with parking close by. The area should be wide enough to accommodate the parking of a smaller fire truck, which is generally 20 feet long by 7 feet wide. This basing area should be planned out ahead of time to facilitate the easiest installation possible and confirm that there is an acceptable place for emergency crews to access the water supply coming from your fire suppression pond. 

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