What Goes Into Choosing the Best Truck Tarps?

Many considerations can go into choosing the best truck tarps for your specific application. From dump trucks to lumber tarps, not every tarp needs the same features and will be used for different purposes. Certain commonalities exist between all of the best truck tarps and their similar applications. We explore what goes into choosing the best truck tarps.

Choosing the Best Truck Tarps

When it comes to choosing the best truck tarps, there are many factors to consider. While many stock options are available, it’s also possible to design custom truck tarps unique to your specifications. Depending on what you’re using them for, BTL Liners can make the best truck tarps possible, be it for transporting steel, lumber or asphalt. Options to Consider:
  • What weight of vinyl works best for your specific application?
  • How important is cost?
  • Would you prefer Korean or American made materials?
  • Is it important to you to have truck tarps made from high-end vinyl?
  • Which additional features are important to you? Stronger D-rings? Thicker Thread? Seatbelt webbing?
  • Does color matter?
Knowing which features are important to you makes choosing the best truck tarps easier. Custom truck tarps can be made with the strongest D-rings, thicker thread, reinforced hems, grommets and in a variety of colors for durability and increased lifespan. In designing the best custom truck tarps, you can choose between Koren-made or American-made vinyl, as well as high-end luxury vinyl. In addition to customizing truck tarps, there are a variety of stock options available. Stock truck tarps are available in sets in a variety of weights, which makes finding the best option for your specific needs simple at BTL Liners. You can upgrade stock tarps to sets made in the USA for an additional cost. Choosing truck tarps doesn’t have to be a difficult process. Contact BTL Liners today and we can help you determine the best tarps for your specific application.

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