High Quality Hay Tarps for Ideal Quality and Coloring

High quality hay tarps could help produce high quality hay crops by protecting it from the harmful bleaching effects of the sun and extreme weather. The color of the hay is a good indication of whether or not it was cured under good conditions. Sun bleached hay has a light, golden yellow color and the stems are normally harsh and brittle. By using high quality hay tarps, you can protect crops from losing nutritional value due to effects of the weather and farming environment.

Hay Color Indications

While color alone cannot determine the ultimate quality of hay, it does provide a good indication as to whether or not the hay has been cured under ideal conditions.
  • Green indicates favorable conditions and quality of hay
  • Leaching caused by excessive rain could result in a loss in color and nutrients
  • Sun bleaching causes hay to loose it’s color, but can still be of high quality
  • Sun bleached hay will be a light, golden yellow color. If it hasn’t lost too much quality, parts of the bale will have bright green color
  • Yellow hay can be an indication that it was over-mature when cut
  • Dark brown or black discolored hay indicates excessive exposure to rain, heavy fog or dew
  • Brown hay has normally been through a fermentation caused by storing it at a high moisture content. Proteins have likely been altered, which makes it unavailable for animals

High Quality Hay Tarps

High quality hay tarps can help protect hay crops from the harmful effects of Mother Nature. With summer quickly approaching, it’s essential to order high quality hay tarps to block the sun from bleaching bales and provide a resistant shield to mid-summer thunderstorms and rain showers. High quality hay tarps from BTL Liners include:
  • UV resistance
  • Expected to last up to 5 years
  • Made to order from reinforced BTL-12 and BTL-20
  • Optional AmorKote™ additive for additional abrasion resistance
  • Prevents weather damage and spoilage
  • Available with reinforced hems, grommets, D-rings, tarp boxing and in popular colors
While coloring may not be the only indicator of quality, high quality hay tarps can help prevent discoloration and loss of nutritional value. Contact BTL Liners for more information about protecting your crops with high quality hay tarps.

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