How to Choose the Best Liner for My Fire Protection Pond

Now that you have selected when to build your fire protection pond, it’s time to choose which liner is best for your project. As the months draw closer to fire season, fire protection ponds become more and more valuable. However, when the time comes that the pond needs to be utilize, if an improper or lower quality liner is used the water levels could be low, or even more dangerously, empty. 

Our team of containment experts has compiled a handful of points that should be considered as you make your liner choice.

Select for Durability

It is essential to select a liner that is puncture and rip resistant. A good RPE liner should also boast an impressive amount of UV resistance. UV light is one of the biggest long-term concerns when it comes to the longevity of pond liners. You should also select a liner that has an industry-leading level of fire resistance. Naturally, fire resistance is one of the biggest considerations when it comes to picking a liner for a fire protection pond. Due to the unique intentions behind fire protection ponds, the environments for their installation can vary and will eventually put them near the scene of a wildfire or community fire. 

BTL Liners’ AquaArmor is an RPE liner, meaning it has very high levels of durability. The fire resistance of AquaArmor ensures that if the pond gets in the direct path of excess heat and flames, the durability of the pond will not be compromised. Thanks to the liner’s unique RPE build construction, AquaArmor continues to perform and last year after year, even in the most extreme environments. 

Select a Highly Customizable Liner

A highly customizable liner is essential for any fire protection pond. You will want to find a liner that can be constructed in massive sizes as well as choosing one with minimal thickness without sacrificing durability.

AquaArmor leads its field in customization. Thanks to its unique geomembrane construction, this liner can conform to nearly any application. Recognized as the most versatile liner on the market, AquaArmor is less than half the thickness of other conventional pond liners such as PVC, however, as a pliable material, AquaArmor conforms to nearly any specification. 

The liner’s customization is further impacted by the lightweight properties of geomembrane liners. AquaArmor can be transported to and from almost any application site with ease, meaning costs on installation will be lower in addition to improving the overall amount of locations where your fire retention ponds can be implemented. This translates to greater levels of customization for your pond from a variety of simple geometric shapes to vast and complex local habitats. 

Choose a Fire Protection Pond Liner with Easy Installation

AquaArmor also boasts easy installation that can be done in a variety of environments. BTL Liners can fit the needs of your fire protection pond project from start to finish. 

Liners by BTL

AquaArmor Pond Liner

The most versatile liner on the market today, AquaArmor maximizes protection from harmful UV rays, tear resistance and punctures that cause leaks. Simply the best liner on the market.

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