How to Choose the Best Temporary Landfill Cover

Geosynthetic covers have become more common in landfills over recent years. Due to recent Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations, choosing geosynthetic landfill covers may become a requirement for municipal solid waste landfills across the United States.

There are several factors to consider when choosing the best temporary landfill covers. Here’s what you need to be aware of when making your decision.  

The Most Important Questions to Ask for an Educated Decision

Selecting the best material and design for a temporary landfill cover can feel like a daunting process. However, there are several questions you can ask yourself or a liner company to help you make an educated decision. 

  •     Can this temporary landfill cover be reused?
  •     How long will the warranty last on this material?
  •     Does this cover provide UV protection?
  •     Will this cover support slope stability?
  •     Does this cover allow for customization?
  •     Is this material reinforced for proper leachate protection?
  •     Is this material corrosion-resistant?
  •     How is this cover constructed?
  •     What heaviness and grade of protection will I need for my project?

Choosing the Best Temporary Landfill Cover Material

Another question you should ask yourself is, “what material is the most durable for a temporary landfill cover?”

Geosynthetics are synthetic, polymeric products used most often to stabilize terrain. Their polymeric nature makes geosynthetic products suitable for use in projects where high levels of durability are required. Geosynthetics are becoming increasingly popular in exposed applications and are frequently used in geoenvironmental applications. They have a wide range of applications including reservoirs, dams, erosion control, embankments, landfill liners, landfill covers, and more.  

Benefits of Geosynthetic Landfill Covers

  •     Cost less than low-permeability soil
  •     Minimizes greenhouse gas emissions
  •     Controls odors
  •     Significantly reduces long-term leachate generation
  •     UV-stabilized
  •     Reinforced material with the ability to reuse  
  •     Provides substantial weathering protection for landfills  
  •     Durable with the ability to protect against punctures and tears
  •     Protects prepared landfill cells before their commission  

BTL Liners fabricates ArmorCover as a safe and effective way to keep landfills protected with temporary covers. By using a two-color technology, ArmorCover maximizes your protection from the elements and ensures that you are keeping your landfill and its surrounding environment as secure as possible. 

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Using a two-color technology, ArmorCover maximizes your protection from the elements. Whether you're needing a greenhouse light deprivation cover, a sports field cover or a hay pile cover, ArmorCover is the best and most versatile solution on the market for all of your cover projects.

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