Hydraulic Fracturing and Frac Tanks Support the American Economy

There’s no denying that fracking has upended the American energy system. Frac tanks and hydraulic fracturing have brought substantial benefits to our nation in terms of greater energy security, lower energy prices, fewer carbon emissions, and reduced air pollution. Current research shows that there are many reasons why hydraulic fracking is a powerhouse for our nation.

As governments, and communities, with significant shale deposits grappling with whether to allow fracking, it is vital that we have the essential facts on its impacts. This is the best way to ensure that we understand fracking’s benefits while minimizing its costs.

We offer a variety of frac pit liners to prevent any contaminated of flowback from escaping. Our team of containment experts recommends ArmorPro for hydraulic fracturing operations that require high puncture and tear resistance, maximum strength, and protection for chemical products with high tensile strength.

As an American business, BTL Liners proudly supports our nation’s economy and energy industries. BTL Liners is committed to creating superior products, using the most recent technical advancements, and providing the highest quality geomembrane containment systems in the country. For more information on how to keep your operation safe with frac tank liners, please contact our team.

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ArmorPro is built with the toughest materials for absolute and total containment.

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