Insulated Floating Covers

Question: Tell me more about your insulated floating covers—what kinds of successes have your customers experienced? Answer: We have shipped many truckloads of our insulated floating covers to sites across the U.S. and Canada! Our biggest customers are oilfield service companies, which require huge tanks for storing immense amounts of water to be used in the hydraulic fracturing process. In the photos here, two tanks—each 155' in diameter and 12' tall—were required to hold 3.2 million gallons in preparation for fracking. In order to improve the results of the process, fracking water is generally heated to about 70°F before it is injected down the wellhead. Tanks such as these are heated all winter long to maintain the desired temperature and to keep the water from freezing. Our insulated covers, which are covered in black material to harness UV energy from sunlight, provide a great advantage for retaining heat in these tanks. In warmer weather, our floating covers continue to be useful to mitigate evaporation. Evaporation can be a problem when “produced” or contaminated water releases hydrocarbons into the air. The EPA seeks to limit such hydrocarbon releases, so solutions such as ours will play an important role in compliance as new regulations are enacted. Another advantage of our insulated floating covers is that birds are prevented from landing in the holding tanks; produced water is laced with hydrocarbons and other chemicals that could present hazards to wildlife. Normally, companies must install bird netting above tanks or in-ground impoundments, which is an expensive solution. Our floating covers help combat this issue while also fulfilling their primary purpose! We are proud that oilfield service companies in the Bakken Formation of North Dakota and Alberta, Canada, as well as other shale plays across the U.S. and Canada, are now deploying our insulated floating covers. In addition to our covers, we provide other solutions to oil field service companies. Above-ground tanks, such as the ones pictured here, are lined with BTL-24 or BTL-30, and protected with geotextile underlayments. These types of tanks are one of the fastest growing components of the oilfield infrastructure. We are pleased to be providing liners and covers of this type to approximately a dozen companies, and we see oilfield services as one of our largest growth opportunities this year.

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